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Company Profile

ZX Tianjin Tanggu Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer. We supply a variety of metal flexible hose, stainless steel expansion joint, PTFE expansion joint, braided PTFE lined hose, rubber expansion joint, which contribute to the solution of vibration, noise, expansion and offset motion problems in piping systems. With experience of more than 20 years, we served a wide range of customers in different fields. Based on the objectives of achieving high quality, credit ability, technological improvement and innovation, we have always focused on international cutting-edge technology and research and development of new products. Advanced manufacturing equipments have been imported while quality and cost are controlled strictly in each production procedure. We are dedicated to provide the most suitable solution and achieve  customers' satisfaction.
Metal Flexible Hose Characteristics:
-Wide Temperature Range : from -196℃ to +350℃
-Good anti-corrosion: against soda, salt, organic materials and almost all acids
-Superb Durability: no degeneration or deterioration after long usage
-High Endurance of Pressure: 10mm hose to sustain pressure of 20Mpa, 300mm hose to sustain pressure of 1Mpa
-Longer Service Life: under conditions of 1Mpa pressure and specific dynamic bending radius, fatigue lifetime reaches up to 3000 times; the fatigue lifetime will extend along with the increase of the dynamic bending radius.
-Good Flexibility: to withstand a big range of displacement and absorb high frequency minor vibration under variable conditions from irregular foundation subsidence to absorption of thermal expansion and contraction in pipes, therefore, ZX hoses are widely used in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, construction, paper, food, electronics, aeronautical and other industries. We have established an international market network.